Vantage Art Projects reviews David Datuna's 'Elements'

To be a celebrity, one must risk becoming a victim of fickleness. To be Iconic, well, that’s another story. Iconicism is arrived at by transcending a generation, history, nearly everything. Dare I say people will still want to make love to Marilyn Monroe’s image one-hundred years from now? What about in fifty-score years? It’s an interesting concept.

Those obsessed with the subject are in luck. Today, Birnam Wood Galleries‘ co-owners and directors Patrick and Lilly Dawson open a new exhibition entitled “Elements” featuring mixed media collage portraits by David Datuna that brings the question What makes an icon? into (or rather out of) focus.

Datuna is best known for his successful 2013 installation “Viewpoint of Billions” at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington,D.C. It was the very first public art installation in the world to be integrated with the innovative Google Glass technology. The exhibition brought in an astounding 23,000 spectators and broke a more-than-three-decade-long museum show attendance record. Solo show number eight for the artist, “Elements” marks his first featuring new work since “Viewpoint of Billions.”

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014