About Us

Headlights in the Rain

Birnam Wood Galleries maintains a diverse program showing notable work of American Modernist painters from the mid-20th Century through the Postwar era. The gallery also represents a select group of accomplished mid-career and emerging contemporary artists. 
Birnam Wood Galleries is committed to representing significant artists and movements in American art of the last century. We  created both historically-themed exhibitions including Modern Life: American Painting Between the Wars, A Place in the World: Modernist Women, and New York, New York: The 20th Century Urban Image, as well as solo exhibitions like Elaine de Kooning: Out of the Shadow, Susan Grossman: Film Noir and David Datuna: Emblem and Image.
The gallery also provides research and advisory services for those searching for works by a particular artist or movement, whether they are looking to purchase at auction or through a private sale. We offer individuals, estates, corporations and museums a discrete and confidential alternative to the public marketplace.
Whether in early works of American Modernism, the abstraction of mid-century New York painters, or innovative Contemporary work, Birnam Wood Galleries presents a broad range of works that represent a boldness and inventive style, each reflecting the aesthetic of its time.